ATTENTION MD  Oren Mason MD      
Calvin Students
Students at Calvin College with ADD, ADHD and associated disorders can receive diagnosis, evaluation and management services through Attention MD.  

Visits with Dr. Mason are conducted at his office which is 2 miles from campus in the Gaslight Village area of East Grand Rapids. 

The paperwork needed for your first visit can be printed out, completed and faxed to (877) 411-1871 or mailed to our office.  If you have the computer skills, the forms can be completed in Microsoft Word and emailed to  If you use a different word processor, remember to save the completed form in .doc or .pdf format. 

Once the forms are submitted, the initial appointment can be scheduled. 

College History form   (PDF form)    College students ages up to 25 years old.

Adult History form       (PDF form)    College students over 25 years old.


Our standard is to provide the highest possible level of care at the lowest cost.  We have chosen not to bill or participate with insurance companies and to share the savings with our patients.  We make it very easy for you to bill your own insurance company by providing fully completed HCFA 1500 insurance claim forms at each office visit.  These are simply forwarded to your insurance carrier and reimbursement is sent directly to you.  Students or parents who wish to obtain these following a visit with Dr. Mason at Health Services can contact Attention MD to request the form.  

The costs of initial diagnosis and treatment range from $395 to $520 depending on the level of testing required. Please note that this includes both the complete evaluation and the initiation of treatment.  (Some institutions that provide diagnosis do not include initial treatment in their evaluation.)  

If you would like to ask your insurance company what they reimburse for our services, you can specify the following procedure codes: 

Consultation with physician (75 minutes):  99204 (or 90801)
Physician evaluation of patient history done prior to the visit:  96101
Computerized attention testing:  96120 

Full payment is required at the time of each visit.   We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  We do not have or provide billing services.  This is done specifically to keep costs lower.