Patient-centered services for families with attention disorders and the resulting life challenges.   

Attention MD services include:

Diagnosis of attention disorders  

Our diagnostic procedures are timely selective, thorough and cost-effective.  Most patients begin treatment with their first visit.  Computerized testing is used, but an extensive personal history is still the most important piece of the diagnostic pathway in state-of-the-art care.

Care plan management  

Treatment of ADD/ADHD is multi-disciplinary--it involves parents, family, teachers/employers, counselors, physicians and caretakers working together for best results.  Helping you choose the participants in this care plan and guiding their efforts is our specialty.

Medication management 

Medication cannot cure ADD/ADHD, but skillfully used medications strengthen the mental efforts of people with ADD/ADHD and improve long-term outcomes better than any other treatment introduced to date.  When controlled medications are needed, we take pains to reduce the inconveniences associated with these prescriptions.  

Diagnosis of accompanying disorders 

Children with ADHD may also have anxiety, oppositional behavior, school and learning disorders, autism/Asperger's symptoms, depression or mood disorders. 

Adult ADD/ADHD can be accompanied by depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, addiction and job struggles.  At Attention MD, we diagnose and treat all the conditions that hamper our patients' success.

Counseling services 

Physician counseling is available with Dr. Mason on a limited basis. 

We maintain a wide referral network of psychologists, therapists, educators, pastoral/spiritual counselors, organizational specialists who specialize in working with attention disorders.  

Disability services

Medical documentation for student academic services

504 and IEP support

Testing accommodations or waivers

Workplace modifications performed for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. 

A word about insurance coverage:

Attention MD does not participate with insurance companies; instead we work hard to help you claim your reimbursement from them.  This practice eliminates the single largest overhead expense of a typical medical office and has helped us maintain our low cost structure.  We provide insurance-industry standard forms that make it very simple for you to submit your bills to your carrier.  Most of our patients have found it surprisingly simple to claim their own reimbursement with the help we provide.