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Dr. Mason's Book--Reaching For A New Potential

A Life Guide for Adults with ADHD from a Fellow Traveler

"This is the book I wished for when I was first diagnosed with ADD. It's about what to do when you are ready to treat it: first steps, next steps and long-range issues. It's based on the best scientific evidence available. If ADD has brought discouragement, I invite you to begin again to reach out and discover your full potential."
                                       --Oren Mason M.D.


"Dr. Mason has written a superb book that provides a unique combination of insights into adult ADHD.  This is an engaging, fast-paced book, chocked with useful, science-based information and crackling with the wit and wisdom rarely seen in trade books on this subject.  My thanks to Dr. Mason for writing this book and my compliments to you, dear reader, for having the sense to read it."
                                       --Dr. Russell Barkley


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