WHO DO WE treat at Attention MD?

Children, adolescents and adults with ADD/ADHD are our focus at Attention MD.  We welcome diversity and serve people of every background and interest.  Anybody who has ADD or ADHD or suspects they do should find a home here.  

Diagnosing ADD or ADHD  

Each person with ADHD is different and there is no typical case.  "Trouble paying attention" is the most obvious clue, but not everyone who struggles with attention has ADD/ADHD.  

  • School or work performance below potential
  • Forgetfulness, disorganization, poor time management
  • Inconsistency, poor reliability
  • Emotional self-control problems in relationships
  • Hyperactivity or restlessness
  • Impulsivity and poor choices
  • Attention problems that occur in anxiety and depression disorders
  • Behavior control problems, oppositionality


You may know of people who have been "diagnosed with ADHD" after a brief discussion.  At Attention MD, the diagnostic process requires 2-3 hours of physician time.  Over an hour of that is spent face-to-face with our patients and their family.  It is important to know not only what type of ADD/ADHD a person has, but how broad its effects are before a management plan can be established.  

Most people with ADD/ADHD have other issues as well.  Anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, mood control problems, relationship difficulties and substance use/abuse problems often accompany the attention disorders.  We approach all these issues not as separate diagnoses, but in a unified manner.  Treatment is designed to result in steady progress in all facets of life.  

methods used to treat ADD/ADHD at Attention MD?

ADHD requires a comprehensive management approach.  Exercise, sleep management, parenting support, psychotherapy, educational support, nutrition and spiritual guidance are some of the components of common management plans.  

There are so many treatments proposed for ADHD that it can be hard to know what to do first.  We concentrate on medication management of ADHD for a simple reason.  It works.  We feel that patients deserve the best methods that have been thoroughly studied.   

Medications need to be carefully managed and medication plans must be carefully individualized.  There is no "standard plan".  We strive for the highest levels of symptom reduction while maintaining the lowest possible levels of side effects.  Safety monitoring is a part of every visit.  


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